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Energy & Climate

Survey Says: U.S. Schools Need Energy Overhaul

Half of the nation’s public school facilities need at least $200 billion in repairs and modernization to be considered in good overall condition. Such findings point to the importance of programs such as California’s Proposition 39, which closed a corporate-tax loophole and diverted half of the new revenue to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in public schools.

The fruits of our labor

There are moments, in building anything, when it can be difficult to see the final product. They are common moments in any large undertaking, and surely there have been a few at Next Generation over the past months as we've laid the foundations for our most ambitious projects. This week, however, is not one of those times.

Energy & Climate

A Roadmap to Energy Savings for Schools

Can cash-strapped and resource-strained schools afford energy upgrades? In fact, they can't afford NOT to modernize, so Lawrence Berkeley National Lab put together a new guide to financing retrofits for schools.

Children & Families

We Can't Abandon the Next Generation

California's children are by far the most numerous victims of increased poverty across the state. One in five children in California lives in poverty; nearly half live either in poverty or perilously close to it. In an alarming twist, more than twice as many California children live in poverty as seniors – a fact that should give grandparents across the state pause.