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California Work & Family Coalition

The Coalition’s Next Big Step

For the Children & Families Program at Next Generation it’s the end of an era, but the beginning of a new one too. Too Small to Fail and the policy team are moving on to The Opportunity Institute. And as part of these transitions, there is another big change to announce: the next chapter for the California Work & Family Coalition.

Press Release

Statement from Ann O'Leary: Paid Sick and Family Leave Benefits Our Workers and Our Country

The United States is one of only a handful of countries that offers no paid leave for new parents and no paid sick days. Today’s announcement from the federal government—our nation’s largest employer—should spur action throughout the country and lead to passage of the Healthy Families Act, as well as a national paid family leave program, such as the FAMILY Act.

Children & Families

A good year for children & families in California

When I came to Next Generation a year ago, I was excited by its unique niche: policy thinking and communications on issues that affect California’s children and families. This was a place that understood that issues affecting parents and children are inextricably linked, and that smart policy-making can’t be successful without the ability to make it heard and understood.

Children & Families

What are we doing for working families?

Sarah Crow writes on the Department of Labor (DOL) Forum on Working Families in San Francisco, one of several meetings the DoL is hosting around the country, leading up to a White House Summit in June.

California Work & Family Coalition

Happy Anniversary Paid Family Leave – Let’s Spread the Word!

While the need for Paid Family Leave is great and the benefits are many, awareness of the law is still low, especially among low income, new immigrant and young workers. This year, Coalition and partner organizations are raising the profile of Paid Family Leave to increase take up in a variety of ways.

California Work & Family Coalition

Paid Family Leave Benefits All Families

In California, we’ve seen the positive impact Paid Family Leave has had on the well-being of families. That’s why I’m proud to be part of a growing state and national movement winning paid family leave and paid sick days for all workers.

What's Next?

A great new year for Next Generation

At Next Generation, we know that the challenges we face are daunting. America’s lack of investment in our most vulnerable children and our inability to take on climate change threaten the economy and stability of the world we will leave to future generations. But we’re also optimistic that, through smart projects, good partners, and great staff, we can make a difference.

What's Next?

California: First for families, first for clean air

In California, we like to go first. Over 60 years ago, we became the first state in the nation to adopt aggressive air pollution regulations, which made us a global leader in protecting human health. You know what else California did first? Adopt some very forward-thinking, pro-family rules regarding paid family leave.

What's Next?

California Shows Leadership on Paid Family Leave Once Again

Last week, we celebrated the passage of California SB 770 in the California Assembly, and will watch it very closely as it makes its way to the Governor’s desk in a few weeks. The California Work & Family Coalition, a project of Next Generation, supported this bill because it will help ensure that workers don’t have to choose between maintaining an income and caring for a loved one.

California Work & Family Coalition

SB770 Passes Assembly

SB 770 passed through the Assembly with a final vote of 51-22. The bill allows workers to receive Paid Family Leave benefits while caring for seriously ill grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, and parents-in-law.