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Press Release

Statement from Next Generation: Monterey Shale and Oil Dependence

The announcement today that California’s Monterey shale oil deposits can not be recovered with current technology sends a clear message: California should continue to focus its efforts on leading the world in the use of technologies that reduce oil dependence, improve air quality, and help our citizens save money.

What's Next?

Cutting through the noise

All of us struggle to make sense of the world. Sometimes it seems like the needle of insight is buried deep within the haystack of muddle and distraction — and who has time to figure it all out?

What's Next?

Here's looking ahead for you, kids

What would California look like if it expanded its vision for a low-carbon economy to help low-income families reduce their huge gasoline and car maintenance expenses? What kind of state would we be if we paused to imagine a not-too-distant future in which more of our very young children have access to the kind of childcare that sets them up to thrive later in life?