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Energy & Climate

Will the Monterey Shale be an Economic Boon to California?

Business Leader and Next Generation co-founder Tom Steyer, geoscientist Dr. David Hughes of the Post Carbon Institute, and Robert Collier, a research fellow with Next Generation, discuss the prospects of developing California's Monterey Shale during a panel in Sacramento.

Pat's Picks

Borders...They're Tricky

This week the Supreme Court, the governors of eight East Coast states, Next Generation’s Kate Gordon and Risky Business Co-Chair Tom Steyer clarify why borders, lines of demarcation and geographic regions are vitally important.

Energy & Climate

Fracking Battle Heats Up, Yosemite is Hot Enough

Over 4,000 firefighters continue to battle the Rim Fire, the 11th-largest wildfire in California history. Sen. Fran Pavley’s bill requiring oil and gas companies to publicly disclose the chemicals used during the fracking process is brewing a ‘Coca-Cola’ battle over trade secret protection.

Energy & Climate

Part 1: Distracted by Fracking?

Acidizing is a powerful oil production technique that could lead to an oil boom in California's Monterey Shale, but little is known about its potential risks.

Energy & Climate

Distracted by fracking?

If you knew that offshore fracking was happening in California, you're one step ahead of state officials. There's tons more info our new report on the Monterey Shale.