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Progress refuses to wait

August is a slow month for many. Much of the staff here at Next Generation is on vacation, and like them, I too am headed out for a few days to relax and regroup after all of our recent work on Too Small to Fail, the Risky Business Project, and our California programs, because the whole point of resting now is to ensure we have the strength to see these issues through to the end.

What's Next?

Solutions take work. We're on it.

We know that investments in the early years of childhood can change whole lives. Home visiting programs, for example, are well known to improve prenatal health, strengthen family functioning, reduce child abuse, and more.

What's Next?

The air we breathe, the words we speak

Like we need air, like we need water, the research shows that we need words, spoken to us from our earliest days. The power of parent talk – reading and singing, too – to deliver those words with love, and in turn to set children up for a life of success is extraordinary.