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Children & Families

A good year for children & families in California

When I came to Next Generation a year ago, I was excited by its unique niche: policy thinking and communications on issues that affect California’s children and families. This was a place that understood that issues affecting parents and children are inextricably linked, and that smart policy-making can’t be successful without the ability to make it heard and understood.

Pat's Picks

When Child Care Costs As Much As College

A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that only 36% of kids are on track with cognitive skills by third grade. Data on hunger, poverty, and child care indicate that American kids need more support.

Children & Families

ACA Blog: The Obamacare Roll-Out in California

The first numbers out of the gate were big: California’s marketplace, Covered California, got over 1.5 million hits in the first two weeks of implementation, more than any other state marketplace except New York. But there's more to the story.

Children & Families

Less Than One Month Out - Can We Do It?

As the ACA unfolds, we will be watching, and writing about what this transition will mean for the millions of people in California who need health insurance and will soon be able to get it.