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Energy & Climate

Will the Monterey Shale be an Economic Boon to California?

Business Leader and Next Generation co-founder Tom Steyer, geoscientist Dr. David Hughes of the Post Carbon Institute, and Robert Collier, a research fellow with Next Generation, discuss the prospects of developing California's Monterey Shale during a panel in Sacramento.

Energy & Climate

Fracking Battle Heats Up, Yosemite is Hot Enough

Over 4,000 firefighters continue to battle the Rim Fire, the 11th-largest wildfire in California history. Sen. Fran Pavley’s bill requiring oil and gas companies to publicly disclose the chemicals used during the fracking process is brewing a ‘Coca-Cola’ battle over trade secret protection.

Energy & Climate

Part 1: Distracted by Fracking?

Acidizing is a powerful oil production technique that could lead to an oil boom in California's Monterey Shale, but little is known about its potential risks.