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Regional Energy, National Solutions

America stands at an energy crossroads in its quest to reduce reliance on foreign fuel. But which path should we take? One that relies on “drill, baby, drill” and takes aim at land and sea for the fossil fuels that lie below? Or another path that widens the possibilities to make use of renewable sources, creating thousands of jobs in the process? “Regional Energy, National Solutions,” a new report from The Center for the Next Generation and the Center for American Progress, argues for the second, showing how a diversified approach to energy, tailored to match the assets of specific areas of the country, is a smarter way to develop energy, protect the environment and improve the economy.

The Center for the Next Generation developed recommendations for the Pacific Coast, where we’d like to see a much bigger investment in solar.  California alone has the potential to generate 4,200 gigawatts of solar energy—10 times as much energy as the entire fleet of U.S. coal plants produces.  A farsighted energy strategy would take advantage of that abundance.

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By Marissa N. Newhall, Clean Energy Group


By Jeffrey Buchanan, Oxfam America


By Zoe Lipman, National Wildlife Federation


By Zoe Lipman, National Wildlife Federation


By Tom Kenworthy, Center for American Progress


By Kate Gordon and Calvin Johnson, Center for the Next Generation



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