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California Legislature Shows Support for Key Bills of Value to State’s Children and Families

During the past two days, several bills have successfully moved through the California Legislature that hold a lot of promise for California’s families. The forward momentum of these bills—from allowing workers to earn a minimum level of sick days to improving access to quality child care and preschool—have given us hope that our elected leaders understand the widespread value of ensuring that our

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Statement from Next Generation: Monterey Shale and Oil Dependence

The announcement today that California’s Monterey shale oil deposits can not be recovered with current technology sends a clear message: California should continue to focus its efforts on leading the world in the use of technologies that reduce oil dependence, improve air quality, and help our citizens save money.

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Experts Question Viability of California’s Monterey Shale

A group of oil and economic experts today questioned the viability of California’s Monterey Shale oil deposits and encouraged state legislators to proceed with caution as they consider whether to include the Monterey Shale in forecasts of the state’s energy and economic future.

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Press Release: No Californian Left Behind

Low-income, rural Californians, whose older vehicles are responsible for a significant portion of the state’s air pollution, are at risk of being left behind even as California pursues a range of strong sustainable transportation initiatives.

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“Risky Business” Engages U.S. Utility Officials on Risks of Climate Change

Next Generation Vice President and Risky Business Executive Director Kate Gordon today prodded an assembly of utility managers to consider the risks of climate change in their long-range planning, during a panel discussion on climate risks at the annual Winter Committee Meetings of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC).