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Energy & Climate

The Energy & Climate team at Next Generation is pushing California—and the nation—to act on climate, focusing on these major policy issues and projects:

  • Implementing Proposition 39: The Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2012

    Last November, California voters passed Prop 39, closing a corporate tax loophole that will raise an expected $1.1 billion per year for the state. For the next five years, half of that money will go to energy efficiency and clean energy projects in public buildings, including schools. However, the proposition left numerous core components of the law to be decided in the state legislature.

    Next Generation is working to shape the implementation process by convening lawmakers and policy experts, researching and recommending policy solutions, and communicating the proposition goals and political process to stakeholders in both the education system and energy sector.

    Read Next Generation’s white paper, Proposition 39: Investing in California’s Future »

  • Next Steps on AB32, California’s Landmark Climate Law

    California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (also known as AB32), which passed in 2006, established our state’s cap and trade program along with a suite of other policies intended to drastically reduce our carbon emissions by 2020. Each week, Kate Gordon, Director of Next Generation’s Energy & Climate Program, rounds up the news and legislative updates on these policies and more in the California Energy & Climate News.

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    Next Generation is also researching and leading discussions on how to use the revenue raised by AB32’s cap and trade auctions to make California environmentally and economically resilient, and to spur energy innovation.

Meet Kate Gordon

Kate is the Former Senior Vice President & Director, Energy & Climate Program at Next Generation

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Kate Gordon
Former Senior Vice President & Director, Energy & Climate Program