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Minding the gap – for our kids & our climate

What a difference a week can make. Last week, we were stunned by a story in the Wall Street Journal that claimed kids don't get any benefit from starting school early. As if on cue, over the weekend, a new study from Stanford Professor Anne Fernald offered further proof that early interventions – such as in helping small children learn new words – are the key to success later in life. As Ann O'Leary pointed out, "By the time children are two years old, there is already a gap in language proficiency of six months between higher- and lower-income children." Head over to Too Small to Fail to find out what we're doing to close the gap.

In keeping with the theme of "closing the gap," Kate Gordon reported this week on how Californians are giving transportation theorists a run for their money: Turns out we're driving more, but consuming less gasoline. "First rule of fight club," says Kate, "is to use less oil." So while we might be seeing a lot more bicycles and pedestrians in places like Venice Beach and the Mission, it looks like climate-savvy Californians are learning how to have their cars and drive them, too. Apparently, "mind the gap" is not just for folks who ride the train.

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