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On Talent – and How to Nurture It

There is no substitute for talent. 

This week, we're celebrating some amazing talent at Next Generation – specifically, our very own Kate Gordon (follow her on Twitter @katenrg), who has been selected by Campaigns & Elections Magazine as one of the 50 most influential policy advocates in the United States. At Next Generation, Kate has all kinds of influence – not only does she manage a talented team of energy and climate experts, she also advises our co-founder, Tom Steyer, along with a host of policy makers across California and nationally. She's the Executive Director of the Risky Business project, which is enlisting some heavyweights to engage on the topic of climate risk. Kate has earned her recognition through years of hard work and dedication – and I'm proud to have her on the team. As her boss, the only thing I ever  ask her to do is make sure she's getting enough sleep.

This week we're also taking a hard look at the impact that stress can have on very small children. As it happens, kids' brains are developing so fast that even small amounts of instability or stress can play a role in shaping the rest of their lives. Most families encounter hard times, and parents know that stressful situations are all a part of everyday life. But how we expose our kids to these situations – and how we help them manage through them – is critically important. Check out this fact sheet from Too Small to Fail to learn more. After all, today's kids are tomorrow's Kate Gordons, so let's do our best to give them the nurturing environment they need to succeed – and to develop their talents to their fullest potential.

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