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Rising above partisanship to help America's kids

This isn’t a liberal issue.” You would think that, given how Americans feel about our kids, much of what we're trying to achieve for the Next Generation wouldn't succumb to partisan politics. That's why I was so excited to see Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times weigh in on the importance of early childhood education, with a great story this week about how conservative Oklahoma is leading the nation on universal pre-k. Too Small to Fail is actively promoting this non-partisan approach to helping kids; this week, our new partner Dr. Bill Frist, former Senate Majority Leader, weighs in with an op-ed in The Tennessean that captures the zeitgeist: "Too Small to Fail is bringing together everyone from me to Hillary Clinton." After all, as Kristof notes, "it’s what is best for our kids and our country." Amen to that.

You know what else would be great for our kids? If, when it comes to climate change, we acted more like the (efficient) Little Engine that Could, and less like all the big, lazy, inefficient trains sitting around who won't lend a hand. Kate Gordon and her team are taking a hard look at what it will take to not only move Californians into more efficient cars, but also address the pressing issue of transit equity: Who has access to it, how much they pay for it, and how much money our families could save if they weren't spending so much money on gasoline in inefficient cars. What if we could reduce pollution, improve kids'  health, save money for families, and boost our state's economy, all at the same time?

I think we can, I think we can, I think we can …

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