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The Hollywood cure – can it work on Congress?

Americans watch a lot of TV. Without passing judgment on whether that's a good or bad thing, there are ways that Hollywood's writers, producers, and "show runners" – or executives – are making a big difference in our lives through programming that aims to encourage us toward healthy, productive behavior. This week, our Too Small to Fail team, along with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton and the non-profit Service Nation, met with Hollywood leaders to identify ways that popular TV shows can help improve outcomes for small children. This is an area that holds a lot of promise – read all about it in our weekly Too Small update.

Also this week, the indefatigable Kate Gordon helped push out a new study that suggests that, by choosing to do nothing about climate change, the United States Congress is actually engaged in passing on a massive tax increase, of sorts, to the American people. You see, whether Congress does the right thing or not, Americans need bridges and water treatment facilities and homes and jobs and all the other elements of a functioning economy. And as climate change gets worse, we'll have to spend even more money rebuilding, replacing, and relocating the physical infrastructure that gets wiped out by extreme weather and related climate impacts. 

Perhaps someone could write a clever TV show about Washington, DC, that might inspire our leaders to, you know, lead? Oh, wait …

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