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The people and families behind the big issues

Next Generation often uses personal stories about real people to highlight and explain the impact of big policies on our lives.

This week, Next Generation Research Fellow Hong Van Pham published a blog post drawing from her own life experience to explain the problem of workplace inflexibility and the need for schedule flexibility, which she calls, “The bottom line of economic security,” for working families. For more on the issue, check out this new factsheet published by our team which further explains the problem and highlights efforts in San Francisco to find solutions. See also, this great reporting on the "Schedules That Work" Act from In These Times.

On a similar note, this week’s California & Energy and Climate News featured a guest blog from Program Assistant Cole Wheeler responding to recent criticisms of California’s clean transportation policies. Rather than walking back existing policies, we should be focused on building upon forward-thinking programs already in place, like the Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program, which seeks to replace some of the oldest, dirtiest cars in the state by providing low-income drivers credits to purchase new cars. It’s an issue we’ve been deeply involved in over the past few months with our “No Californian Left Behind” reports, which suggested changes to make the program more efficient at reducing emissions and fighting poverty.

This focus on the people and families behind the big issues is one I’m proud to support – in our California work, Too Small to Fail, and the Risky Business Project. It’s a distinct part of our mission and one we’re committed to for the long term.

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