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We know that investments in the early years of childhood can change whole lives. Home visiting programs, for example, are well known to improve prenatal health, strengthen family functioning, reduce child abuse, and more. This week our Children and Families team released a review of how these programs function in California. We also announced a new collaboration with Children Now to promote the impact of home visiting programs for the most vulnerable Californians and provide recommendations on how the state can sustain investments in these programs.

We know that decisions made today to preserve natural resources and fight dangerous climate change can protect the future for all children. Following the release of a report from UC Davis on the economic impact of the California drought this week, Next Generation’s Energy and Climate team conducted a deep dive into the numbers on groundwater extraction. When managed sustainably, the process can offer a reliable lifeline for water districts and farmers. Currently, however, California is the only western state other than Texas that doesn’t have a statewide system of groundwater management in place.

In both situations, the problems are clear, and the solutions – if not simple – are certainly achievable. Watch this space closely in the coming weeks and months as we continue the work of identifying the best path forward for the Golden State, and maybe even the nation.

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