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There's more than one way to change the future

There’s more than one way to build kids’ vocabularies and prepare them for a lifetime of success. This week we’re exploring a few new ones.

The most important way to end the word gap for kids is to spread the word about the solutions. This week Too Small To Fail teamed up with ABC Family’s The Fosters to do just that with a special episode encouraging parents to talk, read, and sing to their kids. In their newsletter, the team explored what might be the most fun way: making art. Check out the blog for a new infographic on the many ways music, poetry, drawing, and acting can benefit kids, a list of great songs to sing, and much more to come throughout the month.

There’s more than one way to ensure a healthy climate for our kids to grow up in, too. Not many expected the business and financial community to become a leader on climate change, but two weeks after the Risky Business Report release, momentum is continuing to build. Kate Gordon, Next Generation vice president and Risky Business Project executive director, has been on air all week continuing to spread the word. Check her out on the Brian Lehrer Show here and The Energy Gang podcast here. And check this week's California Energy and Climate News for Kate's take on the discussion of transportaion and fuels as part of California's cap-and-trade system.

Whatever the angle, we're committed to seeking out the best ways to ensure our kids have the tools they need to thrive and a healthy climate to do it in, and we're committed to seeing that work through.

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