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If You Don't Like the News, Change it.

Good news everyone! Well, kind of …

Kate Gordon, Vice President and Director of Energy and Climate, actually reported on some pretty terrible news in this week’s California Energy and Climate News. In a recent Gallup poll only 24 percent of Americans worry more about climate change than say, the economy, unemployment, or crime. As Kate artfully points out, however, the economy, unemployment, and even crime will likely be affected by climate change. News like this is exactly why I’m looking forward to the release of Risky Business, our initiative with Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Office of Hank Paulson, to quantify the economic risk of climate change. One of my favorite stories of the week is an attempt to mitigate those risks with a first-ever step toward an electric school bus fleet.

Getting back to the good news, the Santa Cruz Office of Education just held its fifth annual “Together for Kindergarten” meeting. Sarah Crow, Associate Director of our Children & Families Program, went to meet with educators and talk about closing the word gap. Former Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO George Halvorson also added his voice to the word gap discussion with a Q&A on

We could get used to news and analysis like this. In fact, we plan on it. Check back next week for a very special update on our mission to close the word gap for the smallest Americans.

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