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Cutting through the noise

All of us struggle to make sense of the world. Sometimes it seems like the needle of insight is buried deep within the haystack of muddle and distraction – and who has time to figure it all out?

While the whole Internet has been buzzing this week about the recent natural-gas-centric troubles in Ukraine, our own Kate Gordon has cut through the noise to deliver an especially insightful analysis in this week's California Energy and Climate News. In what might be considered a novel approach by some, Kate thinks that the best way to free ourselves from dependence on fossil fuels is not by extracting more. Instead she says, “If we want to push back against oil companies … we need to need them less.” For one of the best ways to do that – and reduce the gas cost burden for low-income Californians – see our recent report “No Californian Left Behind.”

In much the same way, Too Small To Fail is bypassing the cacophony of old advice on child development in favor of fresh, fun tips based on real, relevant science. This week’s Too Small To Fail newsletter – which you can sign up to receive here – uses research from Professor Karen Hutchison of Rowan University to express the value of play to a child’s development.

While there may be a million Internet outlets and a million ways to deliver news and information, we at Next Generation cannot help but believe that there is a value in looking for better ways, more interesting and useful approaches. It’s what we’ve committed ourselves to so far, and we have no plans to stop anytime soon.

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