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Here's looking ahead for you, kids

What would California look like if it expanded its vision for a low-carbon economy to help low-income families reduce their huge gasoline and car maintenance expenses? What kind of state would we be if we paused to imagine a not-too-distant future in which more of our very young children have access to the kind of childcare that sets them up to thrive later in life? 

We can certainly imagine such a future. Our brand new report, “No Californian Left Behind: Clean and Affordable Transportation Where It’s Needed Most,” takes one of the most progressive vehicle emissions programs in the Nation and pushes it to be even more inclusive. In the video released to accompany the report, authors Cole Wheeler, Jesse Morris, and Kate Gordon describe a huge subset of Californians, largely rural and low-income, who won't be served by existing transportation policy – and lay out real solutions for moving us all forward.

Ann O’Leary, Vice President and Director of our Children and Family program, is looking ahead, too. Her latest blog post, “Infant and Toddler Care in 2025,” expresses a vision for California’s future that includes a robust system of childcare founded on an accurate understanding of infants’ unique needs. Sarah Crow, Assistant Director of our Children and Families Program, lent her voice to current discussions in Sacramento by highlighting a group of recent legislative decisions, including the California Strong Start Program, which could benefit California kids very soon.

The work of making a great state is never done. At Next Generation, we'll always do our part to ensure that California's reputation for innovation and renewal is well-deserved – and that we're always looking ahead, and looking out for, the Next Generation.

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