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Treats for the kids, but tricks for the climate?

As I write this, little goblins and witches and robots and Harry Potters are gleefully wandering neighborhoods across the U.S., parents or, in many cases, caregivers in tow. Halloween is a special holiday for children – it’s one of the few times a year when the entire country actively encourages kids and adults to engage their creative sides, build outrageous/brilliant/hilarious costumes, place decorative gourds on our front porches, and eat too much candy.

Here at Next Generation, we’re always looking for new ways to help parents engage their kids’ natural creativity. While we’re catching our breath after a crazy couple of weeks, it’s worth checking out Ann O’Leary’s run down of just what we’ve been up to. For the parents out there: as you chase down your little lions and tigers and bears this evening, remember that it’s always a good (goulish?) time to close the word gap!

This week, Kate Gordon writes about a different kind of gap - that is, the shrinking gap between the price of oil, and the ability of oil producers to make a profit. While low prices at the pump offer obvious short-term benefits to commuters, they’re a sign of trouble ahead, for both our climate, and our energy system. Check out her blog post on the topic; I learned a lot from it!

Here’s to learning something new every day. May we ever be open to the experience.

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