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Statement on California Governor's Speech

January 24, 2013
Contact: Matthew Lewis





San Francisco, CA, Jan. 24 – The Center for the Next Generation issued the following statement today in response to California Governor Jerry Brown’s “State of the State” speech in Sacramento.

Ann O’Leary, Vice President and Director of the Children and Families Program at Next Generation, offered the following statement on the state of our children’s health and access to quality healthcare and education:

“Today the Governor made a forceful argument that we must invest in the next generation,” O’Leary said. “We applaud his strong commitment to expand education funding for those students living in concentrated areas of poverty, and his clear commitment not to raise tuition on students working hard to get their college degrees. The governor is right: Equal treatment for children in unequal situations is not justice.”      

“Four years of budget cuts and slow economic growth have decimated investments in families across the state,” O’Leary said. “We have a moral and fiscal obligation to reform our education system and restore the social compact that can reverse the inequity that the Governor mentioned today.”

Kate Gordon, Vice President and Director of the Advanced Energy and Sustainability Program at Next Generation, offered the following statement on California’s historic leadership in the clean energy industry and on addressing climate change:

“The Governor pointed to the looming climate crisis as our greatest trial, and made a strong case for California to continue to lead. He’s absolutely right,” Gordon said. “When it comes to climate change, the rest of the country is indeed looking to California. Addressing this crisis is our ‘rendezvous with destiny.’”

“Through its aggressive leadership on these issues, California has given birth to a thriving advanced energy industry that’s creating jobs while reducing pollution across our state,” Gordon said. “We’re glad the Governor shares our view that smart investments, such as for improving energy efficiency in our schools, will help California maintain its position as a global leader on climate and energy.”

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The Center for the Next Generation works to shape national dialogue around two major challenges that affect the prospects of America's Next Generation -- advancing a sustainable energy future and improving opportunities for children and families. As a nonpartisan organization, the Center generates strategies that advance these goals through research, policy development and strategic communications. In our home state of California, the Center works to create ground-tested solutions that demonstrate success to the rest of the nation.


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