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Statement from Next Generation: Monterey Shale and Oil Dependence


MATTHEW LEWIS                                                         
Twitter: @mateosfo

The announcement today that California’s Monterey shale oil deposits can not be recovered with current technology sends a clear message: California should continue to focus its efforts on leading the world in the use of technologies that reduce oil dependence, improve air quality, and help our citizens save money.

We are hopeful that the California legislature will continue its push to help make sure No Californian is Left Behind in our transition to cleaner, more efficient cars. Unlike the challenges facing the Monterey Shale, we have a host of technologies that can reduce our need for oil – technologies that save commuters millions on their gasoline bills while significantly reducing air pollution. We are also supportive of the state’s efforts to ensure that the oil industry is properly regulated to protect our air and water quality.

California’s businesses, investors and elected officials have a history of demonstrating the kind of leadership we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels; we already get more than 20 percent of our electricity from clean, non-fossil sources. Today’s news should serve to strengthen our resolve.

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