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Video of the Week: 100% solar powered classroom in Durham, NC

At Next Generation we love schools, and we love renewable energy. We regularly write about the importance of healthy and energy efficient school facilities and have been engaged in developing policy recommendations for California’s own school energy efficiency efforts under Proposition 39 for much of the last year. We also think it’s critical to educate and prepare our youth for jobs in the advanced energy economy.

So you can understand why we’re so thrilled to see an enterprising 4th grade class in Durham, North Carolina, go 100% solar, and 100% off-the-grid. This group took it upon themselves to crowd-fund a solar array to meet all of their energy needs, setting an example for students across the nation and the world. We hope this incredible accomplishment inspires many more. 


Also, be sure to watch President Obama unveil his second-term climate strategy in a press conference at 10:35am PST tomorrow. In his inaugural address, the President vowed to take action on climate, saying, “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.” Here’s to a robust response, to those 4th graders in Durham, and to the next generation!

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