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A baseline family budget calculator from EPI … and McDonald’s


One Thousand Days.  Vermont Public Radio.  July 17, 2013.  Madeleine May Kunin is a former governor of Vermont, and author of "The New Feminist Agenda, Defining the Next Revolution for Women, Work and Family.” 







Pre-K by the Numbers.  First Focus.  July 16, 2013. 







Early Childhood Education:  Not all Options are Created Equal.  Recorded at EWA's 66th National Seminar, "Creativity Counts: Innovation in Education and the Media," May 2-4, 2013. 





Richard Kahlenberg describes Berkeley Professor David Kirp as the Jonathan Kozol of urban education but with a “more hopeful message.” Kirp helped shape President Obama’s early education initiative and he believes efforts like Too Small to Fail, the collaboration recently formed between Hillary Clinton and Next Generation, have the muscle to push the initiative through Congress. Read more »

The first three years of a baby’s life are a period of incredible emotional growth and intellectual development (just listen to Gov. Madeleine Kunin explain the importance of a baby’s first one thousand days).  Recent data shows kids need regular bedtime routines because their brains develop even when they dream.  For more on this study, check out the blog written by Next Generation’s Rey Fuentes. 

While laying out a strategy for combating the effects of the ‘summer slide,’ the WaPo, provides an informative explanation of a child’s brain development

The Forum on Child and Family Statistics released the key national indicators of children’s well being for 2013.  The rise in child poverty is alarming.  The federal poverty line for a family of four is set at $23,550.  But, the Economic Policy Institute has a new calculator that measures the income levels and basic needs of families and claims it provides a more accurate measure of poverty than either the federal poverty line or the new Supplemental Poverty Measure.  Experimenting with it, The Atlantic plots the expenses of a two-parent-two-kid-household across 40 metropolitan areas. 

McDonalds produced a budget for its employees and it’s gone viral.  Commentary on Mickey-D’s budget can be found here, here, here and here.

Resignation has sucked the air out of the debate over the Sequester. While its final impact remains uncertain, a recent article suggests its greatest repercussions are occurring outside the Beltway—eroding key need-based programs like Head Start.  The folks at CAP have devised an interactive map that tracks how communities across the nation are coping with the Sequester.  Check out the map, hereNPR reports and Think Progress confirms that unless the U.S. invests in educational opportunities and improves access to healthcare for our country’s minority population the upward trend in poverty will accelerate.

Over 46 million people received SNAP benefits in 2012 and the average amount of money an individual received was just over $130 a month.  Both Paul Krugman and Michael Kinsley express outrage over the extraction of SNAP from the farm bill; but Kinsley wins the prize for the most memorable quote.  The House version of the farm bill reaches the Senate “dead on arrival.” Ironically, the Daily Beast reports, the number of people relying on the program has started to decline.  The House vote to cut SNAP was 216 to 208.  Symbolically, the indifference exhibited toward the poor and hungry in the bill will be tough to forget.

California’s Department of Finance collected revenue in June that beat estimates by $1.1 Billion—resulting in a mandated Prop. 98 windfall for K-12 schools.  CA’s kids are getting fresh fruits and veggies thanks to the 2013-14 federal Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.  Grins galore in Bakersfield.  The Wall Street Journal points out California remains one of only five states refusing to adopt the required teacher evaluations under the reformed version of No Child Left Behind because Jerry Brown loves the CTA.  



"[Sleep]…the investment needed to allow learning fresh the next day." A quote from new research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health finding that regular sleep patterns enhance a child’s ability to learn. 

unacceptably high”  How Dr. Thomas McInerny, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics described the new federal statistics showing nearly a quarter of American kids live in poverty.

It’s like gold.” Minnesota Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius describing how a teacher feels when they have a class that enters kindergarten after a full year of preschool. 

I actually use the California model, and not in a good way…”  Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan expressing his displeasure over Gov. Brown’s decision not to adopt teacher evaluations under No Child Left Behind. 

We’ll get to that later.”  House Speaker John Boehner’s answer to the question of when the House will address the SNAP program after it was severed from the Farm Bill.

“It’s like amputating a gangrenous limb, then keeping the limb and discarding the rest of the body.”  Michael Kinsley in the New Republic commenting on separating SNAP from the farm bill. 



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