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President Obama addresses hot issues on climate


In a major policy speech to be delivered tomorrow, President Obama outlines his plan to curb the causes and effects of climate change—a plan expected to include limits on carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants.  A consensus of policy experts concur the foundation of the President’s plan originates from an issue brief from the Natural Resources Defense Council.  In anticipation of the speech, Center for American Progress advises the President to seize this opportunity to improve the Nation’s energy efficiency and to deploy more renewable energy.  And the WSJ predicts the new rules proposed almost certainly will encounter tough legal challenges.  READ»

‘A Stronger More Resilient New York’—a report containing recommendations for rebuilding the communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy and fortifying New York City from future Sandy-like events—has received high praise from both urban planners and environmentalists for providing reasonable solutions that advocate a strong front-line of defense for mitigating the effects of climate change.  But, critics of the report fault it for being a $20 Billion bandage that fails to protect the low-lying sections of New York City.  And, observers of NYC’s political scene worry that with approximately 200 days left in office, the current crop of candidates vying to take Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s place lack his passion for dealing with this issue.  $READ»

A new report, from the U.S. Center for Naval Analyses and the London-based Royal United Services Institute, concludes the "only sustainable solution" to the problem of energy insecurity is through energy efficiency and renewable fuels.  In a related Op Ed published in Roll Call, Rep. Scott Peters (D-California) and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) maintain the dependence on a single source of fuel remains a significant threat to our Armed Forces.  READ»  

Range Anxiety, the fear of running out of fuel, is not a new phenomenon triggered by the birth of the electric car.  The first gas station was born in 1905 and until then gasoline had to be obtained at “bulk depots” located outside of major cities.  The current complications related to recharging electric vehicles are addressed in a new essay from the Rocky Mountain Institute.  And the solutions in the offing are surprisingly numerous.  READ»

A map depicting the regional sources of energy across the United States reveals the rich potential for renewable energy existing in California.  And, while the dominance of solar power in California comes as no surprise—even with the cancellation of a massive solar project in the Mojave Desert—the lagging development of wind power raises questions about why such a proven fount of clean, sustainable energy hasn’t been more widely developed in the Golden State.  READ»


The worst consequences of the climate crisis will confront people who are the least able to be able to cope with them.”  Secretary of State, John Kerry quoted in the NYT warning the people of India that climate change could cause India to endure excessive heat waves, prolonged droughts, intense flooding and shortages of food and water.

"…last refuge of the flat earth society."  Rep. Henry Waxman describing the U.S. House of Representatives, while reacting to comments made by House Speaker John Boehner who called the White House plans to regulate carbon emissions from power plants as part of the President's climate change strategy, “crazy,” quoted in The HILL.

"The biggest thing we could do right now to address climate change and its national security effects would be to decrease the amount of carbon we pump into the atmosphere…” Retired General Charles E. Wald, U.S. Air Force, who was deputy commander of the U.S. European Command quoted in Inside Climate News.  

For so long you have been the source of our hope and inspiration.  Please don’t disappoint us.  Reject Keystone XL.”  The closing line contained in a letter to President Obama written by more than 100 former Obama campaign workers urging him to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline, quoted in Think Progress

There are cynics around the country who say Obama is going to trade Keystone…But, the question is: Who is the trade with, and what is the quid pro quo?”  A statement made by Tom Steyer during a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington where he unveiled a social-media campaign to organize supporters and pressure the President to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline, quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek.


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Graph of the Day

U.S. ENERGY RELATED CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS, 1973-2040.  EIA.  Printed in the Washington Post.  



Today’s chart, from the most recent Economic Report of the President comes courtesy of Brad Plumer of the Washington Post.  It shows the United States is nowhere near on pace to meet its short-term climate targets by 2020.





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