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Attachment: Good for parents & kids; bad for fossil fuels

This week in our Too Small To Fail Campaign, we're focused on the issue of attachment. It turns out that a child's ability to learn later in life is at least partially determined by the amount of parental nurturing they receive as a newborn. ou know what else is critical for our future? Getting rid of our attachment to fossil fuels.

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Minding the gap – for our kids & our climate

New research has come out on the word gap, an issue Too Small to Fail is working to address. And it looks like climate-savvy Californians are learning how to have their cars and drive them, too (with less fuel). Apparently, "mind the gap" is not just for folks who ride the train.

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California Shows Leadership on Paid Family Leave Once Again

Last week, we celebrated the passage of California SB 770 in the California Assembly, and will watch it very closely as it makes its way to the Governor’s desk in a few weeks. The California Work & Family Coalition, a project of Next Generation, supported this bill because it will help ensure that workers don’t have to choose between maintaining an income and caring for a loved one.

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A Business Voice for Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy Economy, a national business association with a fast-growing membership of advanced energy companies, and the AEE Institute, its charitable and educational affiliate, have developed into outstanding organizations that are having a big impact.

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A Milestone for the Next Generation

It was just about three years ago that Tom Steyer, Jim Steyer and I first discussed creating a new organization that focused on the challenges and opportunities facing America’s kids today. It’s been an exciting and often challenging ride; with the launch today of our new name, new logo, and new website, my inaugural blogpost on “What’s Next” marks a significant milestone.