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Invitation: Panel Discussion on Monterey Shale

Next Generation, the Post Carbon Institute, and Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy invite you to join a panel discussion on the energy and economic potential of California’s Monterey Shale formation.

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Try The Magic Bus

Cultural life in America, post World War II, revolved around the private ownership of an automobile. Cars remain the predominant mode of personal transportation favored throughout the 50 states, but a growing body of research reveals America’s love affair with the auto is cooling down.

Press Release

Press Release: No Californian Left Behind

Low-income, rural Californians, whose older vehicles are responsible for a significant portion of the state’s air pollution, are at risk of being left behind even as California pursues a range of strong sustainable transportation initiatives.

Press Release

“Risky Business” Engages U.S. Utility Officials on Risks of Climate Change

Next Generation Vice President and Risky Business Executive Director Kate Gordon today prodded an assembly of utility managers to consider the risks of climate change in their long-range planning, during a panel discussion on climate risks at the annual Winter Committee Meetings of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC).

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"Whistling past the graveyard"

We all know that one weather event can't be tied to climate change. But there is no doubt that we are in the grip of major climate change and likely seeing the “new normal” that we will face in California – increased heat, less precipitation, more wildfires, poor air quality, rising coastal waters – all of which will have a dramatic impact on major sectors of the state's economy.