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The effects of biking in the big apple

C.J. Mayer, a high schooler from NYC, looks at the emergence of CitiBike, the program's impact on carbon emissions, and other ways two-wheeled solutions can help address pollution in his city.

Energy & Climate

A movement is coming: Climate change and the youngest generation

C.J. Mayer, a 17-year-old high school student in Manhattan, says he is often struck by what seems to be a growing gap between the concerns his generation has about climate change, and the actions of his parents and leaders. His sense is that, in a few short years, the American public will see a dramatic shift from its current passivity about climate change, to one of more urgent action.

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Smokey the Bear in the era of climate change

Last Sunday, Smokey the Bear, America’s venerable protector of the forest, celebrated his 70th birthday. In this age of mega-wildfires – some suggest Smokey has outlived his usefulness and should be put out to pasture. As a Californian residing at the base of the Santa Clara foothills, I couldn’t disagree more.

Energy & Climate

Groundwater to the rescue in drought-stricken California – but not without costs

This week, UC Davis released a final report on the economic impacts of this year’s drought on California’s agricultural industry. Groundwater pumping, the report says, will significantly soften the drought’s blow to farm operations, easing anticipated losses statewide to $2.2 billion from the $3.6 billion the industry projected earlier this year.