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Children & Families

A Few Lessons Learned From Our Talking is Teaching Campaign

As we’ve worked with our partners to fine tune our community campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in Oakland, we’ve learned valuable lessons about how to best reach parents and cargegivers to encourage them to talk, read, sing and bond as much as possible with their children starting at birth.

Changes at Next Generation

As evidence mounts about the rapid effects of human-driven climate change and the need to invest in early learning and address family-friendly workplace policies and other core issues in order to support the next generation, it is clear that we as a country need to make major changes to alter the current paths we are on. This is why we are making changes at Next Generation.

Children & Families

A Stronger California means women’s economic empowerment

Women’s ability to build up assets and live comfortably in retirement all hinge on the wages and jobs we have access to while we are raising children and caring for other family members. Yet we still – still – face lower wages compared to equally qualified men. We are more likely to raise children on our own, making workplace policies like fair scheduling and family leave, and the availability of

Press Release

Ann O'Leary: Pregnancy Discrimination Has No Place in Today’s America

Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court provides clarity and relief under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act that pregnant women have been seeking for years. Simply, the Court made clear that when Congress passed the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978, it did indeed mean that employers must treat pregnant women the same as other workers who are temporarily disabled and similar in their ability or inab

California Work & Family Coalition

Women's Economic Empowerment Means a Stronger Calif♀rnia

Economic equality, poverty, and child care advocates will join legislators at a press conference today to call for new policies that will help secure women’s economic empowerment in California, and benefit families and communities across the state.

No More Outdoor Hockey?

Growing up in the Midwest, hockey was my favorite winter pastime. I’ve been thinking a lot about the games I used to play as we prepare to release the second report from the Risky Business Project which predicts, among other things, that outdoor hockey could become a thing of the past for some Midwesterners.

Press Release

Statement from Ann O'Leary: Paid Sick and Family Leave Benefits Our Workers and Our Country

The United States is one of only a handful of countries that offers no paid leave for new parents and no paid sick days. Today’s announcement from the federal government—our nation’s largest employer—should spur action throughout the country and lead to passage of the Healthy Families Act, as well as a national paid family leave program, such as the FAMILY Act.