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Next Generation's Next Steps

Next Generation will continue on in 2016 and beyond as a nonprofit incubator, developing projects and programs that may have homes in other organizations or be time limited.

What's Next?

The great baseball player and sometimes philosopher Willie Stargell once said, “Life is one big transition.” That is certainly how we feel here at Next Generation.

California Work & Family Coalition

The Coalition’s Next Big Step

For the Children & Families Program at Next Generation it’s the end of an era, but the beginning of a new one too. Too Small to Fail and the policy team are moving on to The Opportunity Institute. And as part of these transitions, there is another big change to announce: the next chapter for the California Work & Family Coalition.

Letter of Support for Comprehensive Early Care and Education Proposal

By improving access, quality and provider reimbursement rates, this budget proposal would go a long way towards creating a stable and comprehensive care and education system that improves prospects for working families, and provides our youngest learners with the opportunity to thrive and succeed in the 21st century.

Letter of Support for Evidence-based Home Visiting Programs

Evidence-based home visiting programs have been found to reap long-term, positive effects for the children and parents enrolled. More than 20 states have established state plans and mechanisms to draw down federal Medicaid dollars to fund home visiting programs. California should join them, and distinguish itself as a state that values evidence-based programs that improve the economy and the healt

Children & Families

Patch the Holes in California’s Child Care System

More than $1 billion in cuts made to California's child care and early education system since the Great Recession have not yet been restored. Although some important steps were taken to rebuild the system last year, it is still miles away from being what families need.